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We've Rebranded

On June 1, 2018 SLS Environmental has rebranded to Summit, An Earth Services Company.

In August of 2017 SLS Environmental and its parent company Summit Liability Solutions (Summit) engaged a strategic digital communications agency to research our current market and brand position. Our objective was to create a brand strategy that unifies our brands across the countries we work, leverages historic success, embraces existing people, technology and relationships while anticipating industry changes and desired growth. We wanted to improve industry understanding of who we are and what we offer across the board and create a brand that staff and clients are proud to rally behind.

We realized through client and personnel reviews that the Summit name had excellent brand equity and resonated well with both staff and clients alike. We are proud to unify our brands and improve our industry understanding through the addition of the tagline “An Earth Services Company” to better represent the vast amount of services we offer across the many diverse markets in which we work.

It was also decided that we would introduce a fresh new logo that acknowledges our historic successes and existing brand equity, while maintaining a future forward vision. We refined our mountain icon to improve our brand's clarity and perception in the market. Our new color palette works to unify our brand personality with that of our diverse staff, clients, and markets.

Practical Innovative Solutions

Summit delivers a diverse set of environmental assessment services to Australia's key industries.

Our team is comprised of professionals in ecology, biology, chemistry, geology and agrology. Our multi-disciplinary team includes scientists, professionals, engineers, planners and support personnel creating a professional diversity and unparalleled service team.

Areas of Expertise

Drilling Bi-product management

Summit is the industry leader in the management of drilling bi-product. Summit helped introduce landspray while drilling to Australia utilizing our patented Summit Earth Navigator...                         

Disturbed Land Rehabilitation

Disturbed land rehabilitation is essential in restoring and preserving land to eliminate stakeholder liability and put the land back into a productive state. Our team...

Environmental Approvals

Summit has extensive experience facilitating and managing environmental approvals, permitting and compliance for large to small-scale infrastructure projects...


Summit specialise in developing practical solutions to meet diverse public health risks and have extensive experience doing so in remote and challenging

audit services

Summit Auditors are Exemplar Global Certified and have extensive experience in auditing management systems across diverse industries...

Ecological Site Assessments

The Summit Ecology Team has several years of hands on experience with Flora and Fauna assessments.  This experience, combined with a vast knowledge...                                                                

Environmental assessments

Summit is proficient in delivering a variety of environmental assessments and services. Experienced and knowledgeable in all legal requirements, regulatory...

Environmental Management

Summit specialises in developing practical solutions to help our clients comply with all their environmental management requirements and improve


Summit Environmental are water quality management professionals. We specialise in developing practical solutions to help clients manage all aspects...

Contaminated Site Management

We provide sustainable solutions to a variety of contaminated site issues and land management challenges. Summit delivers technical and practical...                                          

Spill management services

Summit has extensive experience managing a variety of spill or accidental releases - both refined and unrefined - at well sites, pipelines and facilities. Our trained...


Summit specialise in developing practical compliance solutions to help our clients comply with all their OHS legal and other requirements and help drive...


Summit Environmental public health specialists are each highly qualified with extensive practical experience in Legionella management which, combined...