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Our Story

Summit's roots in Australia began in 2012 when we partnered with Origin Energy to research and introduce an alternative drilling bi-product disposal methods. The trials were based on Canadian and International disposal practices, where Summit is the leader in this market segment, and were a large success. As a result of these successful trials, SLS Environmental was incorporated in 2015 to continue implementing these services and provide additional environmental services and assessments under the SLS brand.

Summit itself, originated in Canada in 2005 as Summit Liability Solutions and grew to be one of Canada's most respected environmental service and assessment providers with 10 offices across Western Canada. In 2018, the entire Summit Group of Companies, including SLS Environmental, re-aligned our brands under Summit, An Earth Services Company and launched a new logo as part of a holistic brand refresh initiative. 

Summit has become the leader in providing environmental services and assessments and drilling bi-product management services across Australia and Western Canada. The demand for Summit's diverse expertise and patented Navigator technology has opened the door for global expansion including The United States and consulting services to Saudi Aramco.

Summit is headquartered in Brisbane, providing a variety of environmental services to various industries and Australia's leading corporations. Summit possesses a unique global perspective and skill set with respect to managing drilling bi-product and dealing with environmental sustainability. We have incorporated this global experience with Australia's leading talent to create the new leader in professional environmental services and assessments. 

Summit is a dynamic service provider with experienced and well trained personnel and management. We utilize local expertise with the support of Canadian expertise and experience. Our personnel are educated, experienced and knowledgeable in a variety of environmental services and assessments. We are confident in our ability to deliver industry leading service and unparalleled customer service. 



Mission Statement

“Our mission is to service our customers beyond their expectations, create a positive impact on the environment and maximize value to our employees and stakeholders.”

Vision Statement

“Summit's  vision is to be the most respected environmental solutions company, admired for its people, performance and innovation.”

Core Values

| Integrity | Leadership | Safety | Customer Service | Innovation | Freedom |